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As a psychiatrist in Augusta County, VA, I get a lot of questions on how people can take care of their mental health better. The truth is: it’s different for everyone and it takes work to find out what works for you. It helps to try out different things to help your overall well being. With that in mind, here are 3 things to try.

1. Take a Walk

Getting a breath of fresh air is always a great idea. While exercising in itself is a great boost to your mental health, going for a exercising while outside has even more important health benefits. Studies show it promotes increased signs of “vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self-esteem,” when you choose to exercise outside.

2. Keep a Bullet Journal

It’s a great way to keep track of your mental health and create your to-do lists. As NY Mag explains, a Bullet Journal is

“a diary/calendar/to-do list/planner system that, over the past several months, has rocketed to popularity, become an Instagram star, and developed its own cult following”.

This system works because “transferring your to-dos frees up space for other, more immediate needs”. Keeping a journal like this allows you to set goals for yourself in relation to your mental health. Once you’ve accomplished the task, you can check it off and even find a way to reward yourself. For bullet journal template ideas, check out this collection from Buzzfeed.

3. Get the Help You Need

If you’re ready to seek help, we’re the comprehensive outpatient therapy in Augusta County, VA you need to move forward. We do that by providing unparalleled treatment for mood disorders and related psychological problems. Our team is dedicated to comprehensive treatment that provides unparalleled care for mood disorders and related psychological problems. From creating cognitive behavioral therapy plans to individual counseling— we can give you the tools you need to unlock your future. To get started, contact us today.