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Shenandoah Psychiatric Medicine is a group of psychiatrists in Augusta County, VA specializing in the treatment of mood and thought disorders, major depression, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia. We are here to provide comprehensive care to all of our patients through group therapy, single therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy.
Who doesn’t love a Sunday afternoon nap? Fortunately, not only are naps enjoyable, they are also a great way to reap a number of health benefits, both for your mental and your physical health.
According to the National Sleep Foundation, naps can help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. While many people feel that they don’t have the time to take naps, setting aside a brief period for a nap each day can actually save you time in the long run. Taking the time to take a short nap can actually make you more productive and focused afterwards, saving you time and peace of mind. They can also enhance your alertness later in the day when our brains tend to feel overworked.
Naps that are the most beneficial for you are the ones that take place in the early afternoon for a period of 20-30 minutes. Napping for too long or napping too late in the day can actually have negative impacts on your alertness as well as your ability to sleep soundly at night. 
If you are feeling drowsy throughout the day, it can often be beneficial to stop what you are doing and take a nap. This is especially important if you are feeling drowsy while driving or operating machinery; partaking in these activities while you are sleepy can be dangerous for both yourself and others around you.
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