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Shenandoah Psychiatric Medicine is a group of psychiatrists in Augusta County, VA specializing in the treatment of mood and thought disorders, major depression, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia. The psychiatrists at Shenandoah Psychiatric Medicine are passionate about creating a program of care that’s the perfect fit for you. That’s why we offer comprehensive care to all of our patients through group therapy, single therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy.
Reading is a great hobby to take up for a number of reasons. If you’re feeling trapped or isolated in your home during the COVID-19 pandemic, pick up a book and go on an adventure from the comfort of your home!

  • Reading before bedtime is a great way to unwind and fall asleep faster and more soundly. Instead of browsing your phone or watching TV, both of which are shown to impair sleep, pick up a book instead.
  • Reading has a number of benefits for your brain: it strengthens your memory, widens your vocabulary, improves your ability to concentrate, and increases your sense of empathy.
  • If you’re feeling stressed and/or depressed, studies have shown that reading can help to alleviate these symptoms.
  • Not only is reading a great exercise for your mind, it’s also shown to have a number of benefits for your physical health, including lowered blood pressure and heart rate. Some studies have shown that it can even lengthen your life!

If you’re feeling stressed or bored, or you’re longing to get out of your house, pick up a book and take a break from reality for a bit!