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Listening to and creating music has been a favorite pastime for centuries upon centuries. Music can connect people across space, time, and cultures, bonding them with a common interest. It can help you relax or get you up and energized, depending on the song you pick. So, it’s no wonder that music has also been show to help relieve depression and anxiety. In fact, some mental health experts, use a method called music therapy to help with these conditions.
While listening to and creating music in general can help boost your mood, music therapy uses music intentionally to help clients reach goals and express emotions. It can be an effective way to help clients open up about things that they otherwise may have difficulty talking about. Music also works to evoke emotions that we sometimes tend to suppress.
Music is also shown to have physical effects that can benefit your mental health. For example, some music can slow your heart rate and breathing. Furthermore, many songs release endorphins in the listener, promoting feelings of happiness.
Whether you choose to use music personally to help calm your mood, or if you want to give music therapy a try with a mental professional to reach certain mental health goals, listening to music is a great way to express emotion.
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