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Shenandoah Psychiatric Medicine knows that it can be hard to turn a new chapter when you are adjusting to a new mental health routine. It can be very stressful we want to give you some tools to help you heal. Follow these three tips to help remind yourself of some ways to help yourself heal.

1. Take The Time You Need

You’re human. Mental Illness can completely change things at a drop of a hat. The way you used to do things, just isn’t the same. There are a lot of things to deal with and to understand. It  can take a huge toll on you emotionally and physically. Take the time to take care of yourself surround yourself with the people that will not drain you. Learn how to love your body and your mind. It’s the only one you have and though it is different, doesn’t mean that it is not worth loving. Once you have given yourself the time to heal, you can move forward.

2. Remove The Stress You Can

You are going to deal with a lot of stress consistently, so eliminate stress that’s only going to hinder you. This may involve toxic friends or relationships, finally taking initiative in cleaning that closet or garage, or really anything else that is weighing heavy on you. Stress can be a toxic emotion. Find the time to search for ways for you to cope with the stress. Try doing heavy breathing, drinking tea, spending some time outside. Find little things that bring you joy.

3. Find The Best Resources For You

This is a good time to figure out who and what is going to help you the most. Make some time to really find a therapist that makes you feel safe and comfortable who can objectively listen give you the proper mechanisms to reevaluate. When you have a strong support system, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Need More Help?

Suffering from mood and thought disorders, major depression, or anxiety can feel insurmountable. We’re the comprehensive outpatient therapy in Augusta County, VA you need to move forward. We do that by providing unparalleled treatment for mood disorders and related psychological problems. Don’t wait— we’re ready to help you conquer this.