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Shenandoah Psychiatric Medicine is a group of psychiatrists in Augusta County, VA specializing in the treatment of mood and thought disorders, major depression, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia. The psychiatrists at Shenandoah Psychiatric Medicine are passionate about creating a program of care that’s the perfect fit for you. That’s why we offer comprehensive care to all of our patients through group therapy, single therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Up and down the East Coast, the forecast has called for a lot of rainy days lately. If you find yourself stuck inside this weekend because of the rain, take advantage of that time to find ways to relax. There are a number of fun and soothing activities you can do while you’re inside on those rainy days.

One of the best things to do when it’s raining is read! Reading can allow you to escape the dreary weather outside and visit exotic and tropical places from the comfort of your couch. In addition, reading offers a number of benefits for your mental health including decreased stress and an increase in empathy.

Try your hand at creating some art. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, you can still reap the benefits of artwork. There are many adult paint-by-numbers and coloring books available for people of all artistic levels. These activities are so relaxing, and at the end of it, you have some artwork to hang up in your house and enjoy!

Puzzles are another great way to reduce stress and relax. Puzzles are also a fun way to spend time with your family on rainy days. Have your spouse and your kids join in and help with the puzzle at the kitchen table.

While sunlight is good for your mental and physical health, don’t let those rainy days get you down. You can take advantage of your time indoors by finding new and fun ways to relax.

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